How Nicaragua Grabbed My Heart

By Diana Bohn Diana Bohn is a long-time SF Bay Area activist and a current board member of the Task Force on the Americas. I wrote this in response to Chuck Kaufman from the Alliance for Global Justice request for contributions from others whose lives were changed by their first visit to Nicaragua. I, too,…

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The 12 Victories of Venezuelan President Maduro in 2017

The 12 Victories of Venezuelan President Maduro in 2017 By: Ignacio Ramonet on Jamnuary 2, 2018 Venezuela’s Maduro Defies Odds, Comes Out Stronger in 2017 As soon as 2017 began, the attacks against the President started immediately. The first aggression came from the National Assembly, controlled by counterrevolutionary forces, who decided on Jan. 9 to…

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Lamenting Venezuela’s “Humanitarian Crisis” While Blocking Its Resolution

By Roger Harris on December 29, 2017 A New York Times headline screams “As Venezuela collapses, children are dying of hunger.” Lurid pictures show dead infants. A companion “article of the day teaching activities,” asks: “Why do some young children choose to live on the streets instead of at home with their families?” The key to understanding the wellspring…

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Statement: Honduras Solidarity Network of North America

DECLARATION DECEMBER 22, 2017 In light of today’s statement from the US Department of State congratulating Juan Orlando Hernandez on his election victory, the Honduras Solidarity Network of North America (HSN) declares the following: We reject the deceitful and arrogant position of the US government which ignores the clamor of the Honduran people for democracy…

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Open Letter to the American People from Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales

Open Letter to the American People, from General Coordinator for the Alliance Against the Dictatorship, and former Honduras President, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales People of the United States: For the past century, the owners of the fruit companies called our country “Banana Republic” and characterized our politicians as “cheaper than a mule” (as in the infamous Rolston letter)….

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