Maldonado Family Confirms Body is missing Argentine Activist’s Telesur, October 20 2017

Argentina Takes on Pirates and Vultures by Dan Beeton, North American Congress on Latin America, August 14, 2014

Argentina 30 Years After the Coup by Marie Trigona, March 29, 2006
Members of the MITF delegation to Argentina and Uruguay met with the author, who contributes regularly to the International Relations Center Americas Program. They participated with the masses that took to the streets for the first time in decades

The IMF and Usury: Crime Without Punishment by Elizabeth Levy Sad, July 11, 2005

Argentina: Hope in Hard Times by Benjamin Dangl,, July 25, 2005

Argentina’s Worker-Run Hotel Bauen by Sammy Loren, August 12, 2005

Interview: Celia Martinez of the Worker-Controlled Brukman Textile Factory in Buenos Aires by Benjamin Dangl,, August 29, 2005

Argentina: The People’s Summit against the FTAA by Cory Fischer-Hoffman,, November 7, 2005

Flyer: Patricia Isasa at Ft. Benning November 2005. School of the Americas workshop on Argentina.

Biography of Argentine torture survivor Patricia Isasa, hosted by MITF in November 2005

Recent changes in Amnesty Law (2005) and profiles of some of the torturers from the “Dirty War” (1976-1982) November 2005