Mining and Mangroves, Successes and Challenges in El Salvador

Wednesday, December 13, 6-8:30 PM
Snacks and socializing 6-7 PM
Presentation 7-8:30 PM

Community Media Center of Marin
819 A Street, San Rafael CA 94901

Members of a joint delegation to El Salvador will report on the current situations on the Prohibition on Metallic Mining in the country, a twelve year struggle that began with community initiatives and finally made it into law last March. The country kicked out the big mining corporations! We will discuss the successes and some of the threats faced by activists and potential future threats to the law.

Currently the Salvadoran people are also fighting against the privatization of water by trying to get a law passed stating that water is a human right, in a country where most water is too polluted to drink. The fight for clean water involves the community protection of the mangroves at Jiquilisco Bay, an ecosystem of plants that cleans water and provides healthy communities with a sustainable source of food and income.

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