Leslee Coady


Leslee Coady from San Rafael and has been actively involved in the issues of Latin America since her first trip to Guatemala two months after Bishop Juan Gerardi was assassinated. She has also been on solidarity delegations to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, Chiapas, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Her social justice committee under the leadership of Fr. Bill O’Donnell took many actions about issues involving Latin America. She worked at the Oakland Catholic Worker, a shelter for immigrants fleeing violence and poverty, and works today with the Canal Alliance in San Rafael. She has made the pilgrimage to Ft. Benning with the SOAW many times and involved her junior high students in the outreach of SOAW for many of the 41 years that she had been teaching. She is currently on the steering committee of NorCal Friends of Sabeel, working to bring peace and human rights to Palestine.